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Graphic Design

I have a love for digital illustration and graphic design; Illustrator, inDesign and Photoshop are my favorite programs to use but I have also dabbled in video editing, web design and 3d design.


I do most of my work digitally but love adding a personal touch with hand illustrations, whether it be watercolor, gauche paint, or pen & ink.


A dual degree in Marketing has given me a business background that sets me apart from other designers. Not only can I create content but I understand how it needs to be implemented.


Voyaging Views


Seneca Gaming Co.

Graphic Design

Canisius College

Graphic Design

Hockey Posters

Graphic Design

Digital Illustrations


Reverie Illustrations

Watercolor & mix media


Check out this timeline to learn a little more aout me!

  • 2011-15

    Canisius College

    Attend Canisius College in Buffalo, NY dual majoring in Digial Media Arts & Marketing. I started working for the colleges creative services department as a workstudy which would lead to being an assistant designer in the summer.

  • May 2013

    Interned at Fisher Price

    Working as a design technician in the soft goods department I printed fabrics and selected colors for the development of toy and baby gear prototypes. I developed a keen eye for color and learned from working with various designers on developing a new product.

  • May 2014 - Jan. 2015

    Seneca Gaming Intern

    As a graphic design intern for the advertising department I’ve worked on various print, web, and outdoor pieces promoting all three of the Seneca Gaming casinos. I have gained experience working in a high pace environment, as well as undergoing the companies rebranding.

  • Sept.-Jan. 2014


    Interning at dPost I have gained experience with video editing and color finishing. As well as learning how to run castings and work on set as a production assistant.

  • Now!

    Graduated from Canisius

    After graduating in May I began working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. A long with starting a fashion illustration business, design prints and custom drawings. While I love working for myself I am still looking for the right graphic design position, so any inquiries please send me an email below!

About Me

Halie Jost

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

I am a recent graduate of Canisius College where I majored in Digital Media Arts and Marketing. I have worked in a range of areas including graphic design, color devlopment, video editing & production, branding and advertising. However currently I am focusing on my love of illustration! Check out my resume to learn more

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